Sagar Kamprath, MD

  • Second Year Resident

Are you in a special track or focus during your residency?
I am interested in Global Health and Integrative Medicine.

Why did you choose UPMC Shadyside Family Medicine Residency Program? Why Pittsburgh?
I chose the UPMC Shadyside FMR program because of the people. The residents and faculty are some of the most brilliant and friendly people I know who take a genuine interest in your progress. Overall the atmosphere of the program here is truly family in a sense and I think it is an amazing place to be. I chose Pittsburgh because I’ve spent my undergraduate and medical school days here and fell in love with the city, it has changed so much and there are always new things to do.

What are your goals while here in the residency program? How will this prepare you to be an excellent physician?
My goals in residency is to learn for the sake of patients. As a good friend had said to me before, “not for boards, but for wards.” That is, we must learn not for the sake of exams or advancement, but for the general welfare of our patients. I find that being motivated to learn for my patients will help me to become a better physician.

Do you have any special interests outside of the residency program?
I love to participate in anything outdoors. As a child I was an avid tennis and soccer player, but these days I love to play ultimate Frisbee whenever the chance arises.


Reading, Pennsylvania