Asmau Misawa, MD

  • Graduate 2018

Current Position Information

Fellow, Swedish First Hill Advanced Obstetrics Fellowship, Seattle, Washington

Scholarly Research Project

Increasing Recruitment and Retention for Centering Pregnancy Group Prenatal Visits at the Shadyside Family Health Center

Asmau Misawa, MD; Rowena Pingul-Ravano, MD


Centering pregnancy is an evidence-based model of group prenatal care, associated with reduced preterm birth.  In 2015, the Shadyside Family Health Center (SFHC) became the first site hosted by a Family Medicine practice.  To date, six cohorts of patients have completed the program.  SFHC recruited participants from the obstetrics (OB) patient panel, and included prenatal patients ≥ 20 weeks gestational age.  The Centering curriculum does not include a standardized recruiting method, so the OB coordinator recruited Cohorts 1-4 via telephone and email, as well as face-to-face at initial prenatal visits.  The aim of this project was to improve recruitment and retention of participants.


For Cohorts 5 and 6 this project included a continuity resident at each Centering session, provided faculty and resident education sessions, developed an Epic Smart phrase referral tool, and created a Facebook page.  This project received Quality Improvement committee approval.


The six Centering cohorts included a total of 22 participants.  In comparison to Cohort 1 (n=6), and Cohorts 2-4 (n=3), Cohorts 5-6 (n=7-8) had an average of increase of 3-5 participants per session.  For Cohorts 5 and 6, 28% and 50% of Centering participants were referred by resident providers, respectively.  Of the 22 Centering participants, 100% delivered full-term.


In comparison to earlier cohorts, Cohorts 5-6 had a modest increase in participants.  Provider referrals proved to be a useful recruitment tool in addition to OB coordinator referrals.  Use of social media may prove to be a useful retention tool and merits additional study.