Kyle Beuoy, MD

  • Second Year Resident

Are you in a special track or focus during your residency?

I am in the global health track and am looking forward to further developing the skills and knowledge to address health inequity worldwide. I have an interest in general primary care but also special interests in underserved work, mental health, and addiction medicine.

Why did you choose UPMC Shadyside Family Medicine Residency Program?  Why Pittsburgh?

Because of the strong focus on underserved work and friendly and down-to-earth people here. I am confident that the program thoroughly trains well-rounded physicians, and the people here all contribute to a supportive and positive environment where I can feel I am with my “work family.” Pittsburgh was appealing because of the robust food and event offerings, unique character, culture, and landscape, parks within the city, and more nature not far outside the city.

What are your goals while here in the residency program?  How will this prepare you to be an excellent physician?

My goals include actively engaging each service throughout residency, furthering my skills and knowledge in each, and reflecting on how my training is building the ability to practice. In doing so, I aim to develop into a family physician capable of facilitating a breadth of primary care. I also plan on honing my skills related to special interests in global health, mental health, and addiction medicine.

Do you have any specials interests outside of the residency?

I enjoy exploring nature spots whether it’s a city park or somewhere more remote and robust, reading fiction or listening to nonfiction audiobooks, and eating a variety of cuisines – as long as it’s vegetarian! I am also looking forward to a time when it is safe and healthy again to go to the gym, spend time at a coffee or tea shop, and attend miscellaneous events and cultural institutions.


North Canton, OH