Liz Ferro, MD, MS

  • Second Year Resident

Are you in a special track or focus during your residency?

Not currently.

Why did you choose UPMC Shadyside Family Medicine Residency Program?  Why Pittsburgh?

The Underserved Track at Shadyside initially caught my attention, but I really enjoyed my interview trip. I have a pretty atypical background, and through my conversations with residents and faculty, I felt that they recognized something unique in my experience. The residents also made me feel comfortable and at home, like I’d be supported if I was their teammate. I’ve spent the last ten years in Philadelphia and loved living there. Since I’m originally from northwestern Pennsylvania, residency in Pittsburgh felt like a great opportunity to live and work in a different city while also being closer to family.

What are your goals while here in the residency program?  How will this prepare you to be an excellent physician?

I hope to become a great clinician and advocate in the future. Beyond leaving residency feeling confident in my abilities to treat patients independently, I also want to build and contribute to a strong residency family while I’m here. And finally, I hope to gain a greater understanding of, and get more connected with work that’s already being done in Pittsburgh to eliminate health disparities that impact its most under-resourced communities.

Do you have any specials interests outside of the residency?

Staying active is a big part of my mental and physical well-being. I love lifting weights and trail running. Secondly, I love food and have found that the community is often formed and cultivated over a delicious meal, so cooking and sharing good food and drink with close friends is one of my favorite pastimes.


Philadelphia, PA and Corry, PA